A Better Tomorrow

Jul 18, 2022

A friend told us that the pandemic served as an unexpected turning point in his sense of fulfillment in life. “I had not enjoyed so many home-cooked meals in a row, and I had not had eight hours of sleep so steadily since I first went off to college.” Like millions of us, he began to ask more of life than before, to stop postponing the ideal life he had only vaguely imagined. Many tell us of a similar experience. We saw what we wanted more clearly, and we became more focused on arranging to have it now.

Turning points such as this one occur in life for all kinds of reasons, and yet we cannot think of a time when such a turning point happened for so many, all at once. The home buying and homebuilding market of the past couple of years – beyond brisk – is one reflection of how many people set out to create a better tomorrow.

A Philosophy in Action

One of the three elements of our philosophy – gallantry – came to the fore in response to our clients’ search for a better tomorrow. Understanding what this decision point means to them and listening carefully to understand how their vision must take shape leads to creating homes for inspired living. The second element, creativity, is embodied in the artisanship and ingenuity we bring, which results in homes that are distinctive, not just for show, but also for the reflection of the purposes that people have for their own concept of home. The result of the other two elements in our philosophy is the third one, longevity.

More than 65 years of collective experience go into the design and execution of Southwyck homes, and, as a result, the satisfaction achieved by the folks who live there is a lasting kind, too.

Some Living Examples

Among the homes for sale in Acworth, GA, the collection known as the Artisan at Victory offers an example of what our fresh look at the practicality of the ranch-style home, arranged in a community that reminds many of the feelings they recall from their hometown.

Cooks Farm, for many the preferred example of Woodstock homes for sale, offers active adults a step forward into the freest chapters of their lives, in a setting of front-porch connection and purposeful authenticity, in the beloved Craftsman style.

The Decatur homes for sale have, for generations, been a popular setting for people who seek the ease and comfort of a smaller town, while remaining connected at will to the advantages of one of the world’s great cities. Nearby Clarkston offers the opportunity to reap those benefits in a quieter, more original way. Parkside is the in-town collection of homes inspired by the historic cottage influence, which returned the sense of human scale and personal taste to everyday living.

Whether in one of these communities, or in a concept of your very own for a better tomorrow, it is our mission and our source of great satisfaction to be your reliable resource for coming home. With a clearer sense of what you most want to see and think and feel in that home, our experience and commitment is on your side for achieving it.

Let’s have a talk about what Southwyck Homes might mean for you. Call us at 678-929-7075 or find out more at southwyckhomes.com.