A Sense of Belonging

Nov 15, 2022

Beginning soon with Thanksgiving, a season starts in which celebration is a continuing theme, and the celebrations continue until the new year arrives. Whether we are guests or hosts at a particular party, the holidays bring to mind a feeling for which we all have some degree of craving – a feeling that we belong. The difference between a party we remember all our lives and one in which we are merely reminded of how foreign we can feel in a setting that doesn’t fit, this sense of belonging can be both essential and elusive.

What was it that made the most memorable parties of our lives? The people, places, and things that take shape as we recall them certainly play a part in the answer. Yet it is how we felt among them that puts the party deep in our heart. Some of those gatherings were louder, some softer; some moved fast, and some were leisurely. What the memories have in common, most of us would say, is that we felt that we were right where we belonged.

The Dimensions of a Home

The drawings and measurements, the elevations and plans of a home are just the outward and visible signs of something intangible that we as home builders are privileged to help create. The true dimensions of a home can be summarized in just two forms – the outside and the inside.

Inside, home is the setting for your personal experiences, your choices and the relationships that result from them. Outside, your home takes its place in a community. In this dimension, it can either contribute to or detract from the thrust of your community – its purpose and its atmosphere, and the possibilities that the community fosters and supports.

Fitting Inside and Out

We strive and succeed at creating homes that suit both dimensions, inside and outside. The collection of Southwick homes for sale in Acworth, GA, known as the Artisan at Victory, offer active adults the ease of one-level living, the cozy sense of embrace that cottages excel at providing, and the community connection that porches and sidewalks evoke and facilitate.

People who peruse the Woodstock homes for sale soon encounter Cooks Farm, the collection of Southwyck homes there that were inspired by the Craftsman movement, in which the beauty of materials and workmanship take center stage.

After examining the Decatur homes for sale, many conclude that nearby Clarkston brings all the advantages of Decatur, from a setting that is even more to their liking. The blend of inviting streetscapes and cottage front porches they discover at Parkside beckon them to gracious interiors where they indeed find that feeling of belonging.

In one of these communities, or in a concept of your very own, it is our mission and our source of great satisfaction to be your reliable resource for coming home to that sense of belonging. Our experience and commitment are on your side for achieving it.