Astonishing Contentment

Oct 17, 2022

Considering that Woodstock is known in some circles as the city unexpected – succeeding somehow to become both the No. 1 city for quality of living in Cherokee County and one of the top 10 fastest-growing cities in Georgia – it is sensible to ask how this is possible and what makes it so unexpected. When exploring the Woodstock 55-plus communities available for making this home, the answers we find at Cooks Farm are convincing.

The answers add up to contentment. Not only is contentment something hard to see, but it can also be something hard to contemplate after folks complete the careers that lead them to consider an active adult community in Woodstock.

When It All Calms Down

A friend had occasion recently to spend a couple of nights in a Buckhead hotel where he used to conduct business meetings, because of its excellent accommodations, service, and uniquely reliable A/V department. “I used to have meetings here that probably should have been in Chicago. But here I knew the A/V would not be a source of anxiety,” he told us. As he crossed the lobby on his way to dinner, the specter of dozens of businesspeople making forced chit-chat and heading for the bar reminded him of old times, and not exactly in a good way.

“Do people still do this?” he asked himself. Astonished by the contentment that had come to him with the later chapters of life, he realized that a bit of stillness and a lot of harmony were new arrivals in his experience. He was incredibly happy to notice the difference.

Fulfilling a New Agenda

When examining the Woodstock homes for sale, we advise folks to evaluate what they want to experience in a 55-plus community. Surely, it is important to weigh priorities that include not only the ease of family visits, but also access to services, art, commerce, creativity, society, and nature. In all these dimensions, Woodstock succeeds.

What might be difficult to foresee, however, is the appetite for contentment that can come, when this chapter is lived to its full potential. Contentment and achievement probably did not work hand in hand on the way to getting here. In fact, to be satisfied was often considered a hazard, a trap of complacency, during the height of our careers.

The Sense of First Sight

How the homes of Cooks Farm qualify for fulfilling these needs – the needs known and the new ones to discover – might best be discovered in how they look. Standing forthright on neighborhood streets, with sidewalks and a porch, Cooks Farm reminds many people of where they came from, and still more of where they would like to be.

The craftsman-inspired design calls forth a style in which beauty comes from materials and workmanship. With their owners’ suites on the main floor, they extend the ease of ranch-style living.

Let’s hold this vision up to your agenda, to priorities known and yet to be discovered. Give us a call at 404-594-3101 or visit We look forward to getting acquainted.