Back at the Ranch

Jun 1, 2022

Known as a captivating collection of ranch homes, The Artisan at Victory stands out among the homes for sale in Acworth, GA, for this and many more reasons. As the preferred 55-plus community among all the Acworth, GA new homes, The Artisan at Victory brings some surprising advantages. For many, the first surprise might be what we mean by ranch.

Presenting graceful gables to the street and sidewalk views, The Artisan homes at first might not fit one’s image of a ranch. The key meaning here is that the whole home is designed to be enjoyed on one level, without stairways. Ranch-style homes became popular when good cars and great roads enabled folks to break out of the big cities. Located where you could build out instead of up, the ranch was a mid-century modern icon. Still sought-after for the efficiency and lack of fussiness that the ranch brought to living, we no longer are restricted by the earliest interpretations that included flat roofs and sprawling wings.

A Fresh Take Today

Instead, the Acworth homes for sale in The Artisan at Victory take the best of the ranch concept and render it more comfortable and inviting. After all, we are not coming in the back door to wash up for dinner after riding fences all day.

Here, we continue the “Main Street” charm of nearby Acworth, with its historic town square, and Woodstock, where a kind of folksy sophistication brings cosmopolitan advantages to the fingertips of folks who would rather take it easy just now. The result is an informed, considerate kind of design that anticipates what you want, what you need, and how best you would like to enjoy it. One of the miracles of design is that, with it, we can distill the best of a concept, and weed-out the elements that no longer apply.

A Lakeside Cottage

A way of describing the homes of The Artisan at Victory that some say fits more instinctively than ranch is that they remind folks of a lakeside cottage. The description fits especially well, because Acworth is known in some circles as the Lake City, nestled between the sparkling waters of Lakes Acworth and Allatoona. The Artisan at Victory is a gated, active adult community arrayed along sidewalks that remind many of the towns in which they grew up.

Amenities include a community garden, a pavilion for events and celebrations, bocce ball courts, and a scenic walking trail around The Artisan’s own small lake. And the setting! The background for all this is the rolling foothills of the North Georgia mountains.

An Invitation

If the advantages of a home, a community, and a setting such as this sound good, why not get in touch and find out more? We’d be glad to go into it. Just call us at 404-594-3101 or visit us at