Inspired and Inventive

Oct 31, 2022

Distinctive among all the Decatur homes for sale, Parkside is a clear example of Southwyck Homes’ dedication to bringing two powerful design principles together. Inspired by the comfort of historical details and yet infused with the advantages and convenience that come from taking every advantage of the inventive answers arising from the latest insights in design, Parkside offers homes that bring both in abundance. The result is an answer that gratifies, embodying a unity that far transcends the sum of its parts.

The cottage of the 1920s was the fondest dream of a generation due for a rest. After pioneering the exploration and settlement of the West, a quiet home, cozy and simple, often near a lake or in the foothills, was a natural goal. The cottage became a movement in architecture that spelled home to folks who were more than ready for comfort.

Beaming with Welcome

A front porch is the extension of living space to the outdoors – and even more specifically to the neighborhood. The key difference between a porch and a deck is worth bearing in mind as you look at real estate in Decatur. A porch is for connection, and a deck is for seclusion. The porch is a home’s connection with the comings and goings, the news of the day, the tone of the time as the hours gently make their way toward the privacy indoors. In this sense, the porches of Parkside are not only merely charming, but also a particular place for comfort.

Inside, the cottages of Parkside benefit from the most up-to-date details of design. Kitchens are part of the fun, connected with the rooms for relaxing and entertaining. Bathrooms offer a mini-spa experience that adds repose to your privacy, responding to the changing tastes and times. Lines of sight are longer today than when the cottage movement was born, and being cozy does not mean giving up a sense of space and breathing easy.

Town with Country

Decatur Square, an icon of small-town virtues and a surprising degree of big-city culture, is just five miles away from the Decatur homes for sale at Parkside. There you might be astonished to find sushi that’s the Best of Atlanta, as named by Atlanta Magazine, at Brush Sushi Izakaya. The White Bull presents the prospect of a farm-forward Italian restaurant inspired by the surrounding local market and brought to life by chef Pat Pascarella. Stop for tapas at The Iberian Pig or reserve the four seats at the chef’s counter for full view of your five-course dinner as prepared by No. 246. Victory Sandwich Bar is one reminder that big-city thrills are not the only way to go when you visit Decatur Square.

Shopping is equally rewarding here. We have the basics covered and far more for your enjoyment. Squash Blossom Boutique for fashions and shoes, Trinity Mercantile & Design for home goods, Olive Branch Wellness Boutique for beauty, and Little Shop of Stories for books are a few examples.

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