Where You Want to Go

Sep 26, 2022

It is beginning to be said that the suburbs were just the first draft. Something altogether richer and more fulfilling awaits the folks now exploring the homes for sale in Acworth, GA. Suburban living was essentially a compromise that sacrificed access to urban cultural and commercial advantages in exchange for affordable space in which to raise a family. Along with that compromise, three or four generations accepted the expenditure of time – and of nerve endings – that went with a daily commute.

Today, it is estimated that about half of people can work from home, and this has opened the doors to greater flexibility and sense of choice in where we spend our time. Faced now with the choice between city and suburb, thoughtful folks are saying, “Neither one, thank you.” For active adults designing the next chapter of life, coming up with a new answer is clearly an opportunity not to be missed.

A New Way

More like an original choice than a compromise, the sparkling lakes and powerful foothills of North Georgia present an ideal backdrop for the Acworth homes for sale. In a setting such as this one, it becomes easy to envision a life filled with flexibility, with creativity, and with interests and preferences to be cultivated and options to be exercised.

The ease and simplicity of a home designed for main-floor living, combined with the sensibilities that gave rise to the cottage as an American ideal for blending privacy with community, these are a few of the advantages active adults are discovering among the finest of the Acworth, GA, new homes.

Embraced by a neighborhood that includes a community garden – and the like-minded neighbors who share in it – a pavilion for gathering family and friends, a scenic walking trail for morning meditation or evening relaxation, a calm little lake onsite, and bocce ball courts for cultivating a new version of outdoor enjoyment, all these and more beckon to the folks who consider the Artisan at Victory.

Seeing and Believing

This new version of living, neither city nor suburb, is more easily appreciated in a visit than in any other way. Strolling a village Main Street, browsing antiques, or perusing a farmers market are a few of the pastimes that come with the territory. A favorite vantage point is that of a front porch – or a back yard. The one is a reminder of how neighbors kept up on community happenings in the days before incessant mobile and digital connections. The other is a reconnection with the refuge of one’s own private piece of the outdoors, a place where a recliner fulfills its highest purpose.

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