Finding the Home That’s Right for You

Mar 14, 2022

The advantages of Acworth abound for folks of any age, nestled between Lake Altoona and Lake Acworth, and in easy reach of the cultural and economic advantages of Marietta and Atlanta. Yet it is the charms of Acworth itself that place it in high consideration for those deciding on a home in an active adult community. Among the Acworth 55-plus communities that seem the most sought after, the Artisan at Victory is a particular gem.

Composed of homes inspired by lake cottages and arrayed along quiet sidewalks, the Artisan at Victory offers vistas of rolling foothills and a sense of neighborhood to which many would like to return. Yet, of all the homes for sale in Acworth, GA, finding the 55-plus community that is right for you can be a profoundly personal decision. We might offer a few suggestions.

A Personal Inventory

To think carefully about one’s own preferences and desires might take some prompting, after the priorities imposed by building a career and rearing a family. Yet, the time is now for making that conscious shift and answering a few questions from a personal point of view, when you decide where to spend the years that follow those achievements. When career prospects are secured, when the children are grown, it may take time to discover our new roles and the course we set for the balance of life. Making the questions simple and personal can bring the clarity we seek.

Where You Want to Awake

What would you like to see and think and feel on waking each day? Is the calm and simplicity of a cottage a smart idea? For many, a lake cottage might be the culmination of a daydream from the hurly-burly years of family and career responsibilities. Is the feeling of a known neighborhood, of a like-minded community, part of this setting?

From these simple questions, it is not far to venture into a larger ambition for “awake.” People who live in active adult communities frequently tell us that life-long interests get a chance to flourish at last. Sometimes unexplored ambitions arise, as in the instance of a senior financial executive from a Fortune 100 corporation, who discovered a new chapter as an art photographer. Sometimes it is the setting itself, the design of the home, the vista of the horizon that brings these discoveries to light.

The Key Connections

People who make their 55-plus community selection from among the Acworth homes for sale tell us that connection was a key consideration. The principle takes at least two forms. A connection with nature can become an important feature of life in this chapter. And remaining connected with the cultural advantages and energy of one of the world’s great cities can be important for keeping the enjoyment that energy brings to life at any age. Both connections abound among the homes of the Artisan at Victory.

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