How it Feels to Belong

Apr 19, 2022

Somewhere on our hierarchy of human needs is a sense that we belong. Certainly, it varies by person, owing to our own outlook, family, and life experiences. It varies, too, according to the chapter of our life we are addressing. When people begin to explore the possibilities presented by real estate in Decatur, the opportunity to belong can well enter the decision.

Fierce independence has its benefits and occasional usefulness, and yet most of us find that the warmth of belonging leads to openness and encourages wider horizons, far from hemming us in. When people consider the many ways to approach the subject of Decatur homes for sale – the advantages that can be raised from among the town-and-country, neighborhood-and-privacy, and Main-Street-and-metropolitan possibilities – the answer for many looks a lot like Parkside, by Southwyck Homes.

Beginning with a Name

In families, one signal of belonging is our name, and it is the same for Parkside. Nestled near to some of the county’s finest green spaces, Parkside indeed belongs to a lifestyle that includes enjoying nature and the outdoors. You can choose from options as vast as the Forty Acres Nature Preserve to as cozy as the Clarkston Community Garden. Enjoy the easy reach and the comfort of being close to getting outdoors in parks such as Stoneview Park and the recently renovated Milam Park. Parkside is just minutes away from the hiking, camping, biking, and sightseeing of Stone Mountain Park, too.

A Town to Call Your Own

Because of Clarkston’s location on a rail line connected with Atlanta, it attracted a particularly cosmopolitan collection of residents from the very beginning. Today, in fact, Clarkston residents include people who came not only from all over America, but also from across the globe, enriching everything from art and architecture to culture and cuisine.

Peachtree to Decatur Square

From the vantage point of a lovely Parkside cottage, you can take your choice on any given day from a stroll down streets in Decatur that might be the perfection of the whole idea of Main Street USA. Just as accessible is the other end of the spectrum, the excitement and energy, the commerce and cultural advantages, and the art and theatre of Atlanta.

Our Parkside neighbors remind us that this ability to choose not only enables them to suit the mood of the day, but also keeps both options fresh and continually enjoyable to explore. This choice is among the factors that weigh in favor of Parkside among the other Decatur houses for sale.

Come and explore the possibilities of Parkside. Without doubt, it belongs on your list to consider, and you may find that the feeling of belonging here is part of Parkside’s powers of attraction. Just call us at 404-954-1187 or find out more at