A Southwyck Home Is Unlike Any Other

a One-of-a-kind Creation for a One-of-a-kind Family


With the belief that it is one of the greatest gifts to change someone’s life and not expect anything in return, Southwyck Homes has a dedicated commitment to community outreach and serving Atlanta and beyond, together. To date, Southwyck homes has contributed to numerous neighborhoods, local and abroad, and continues to propel forward on their overarching mission with the following charitable partners.

Meet Our Charitable Partners.

World Mission Partners (WMP)

WMP is a privately run 501(c)3 mission program launched by Southwyck’s own Edward Pease and his wife Patti geared towards constructing homes, supporting families, offering much-needed medical/dental services, and providing educational opportunities to deserving children.

Champions Community Foundation (CCF)

CCF is a public 501(c)3 entity that leverages the unique knowledge base and passions of its staff and board members to serve young adults with physical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and physical injury. CCF exists to significantly improve the lives of these young adults by enabling them to reach their full potential as self-reliant, productive, and fulfilled citizens in their local communities. Southwyck Homes’ Principal, Edward Pease is proud to serve on the Board of Directors.