When Your Home Fits Like a Glove

Jun 10, 2022

More than in any other chapter of our lives, when we plan the home we want to enjoy in the third act – what theater people call the part where we see “this is how it all turned out” – we get to choose a home that fits like a glove. Earlier in our lives, we built or chose homes that served as hubs for business travel, had room for growing children, cut corners as we saved for their college, or all the above. For whatever set of reasons, particular to our own lives and goals, our earlier homes reflected multiple purposes.

When we consider an active adult community in Woodstock, then the standards and expectations become quite different.

The More We Consider

When the career is fulfilled, the children are grown and established, and the goals are achieved, then it is time for a home that envelops us in comfort and security, facilitates our interests and activities, and does so in a way that expresses who we are and where we’ve been and where we are going. The more we consider this chapter of our lives, the more the image of a glove seems to fit.

A Refresher Course

The gloves we encounter today are different from those with which folks were familiar when the image of fitting like a glove was coined. Today, it is mainly cold or manual labor that prompts people to buy and use a pair of gloves. In fact, few of us, if any, can remember when a person was not fully dressed without gloves. They were an accessory that began with necessity and evolved into pure style.

Gloves were a mark of refinement, of a life that was carefully considered. Their materials and workmanship were impressive because the hands are so prominent in a person’s appearance. Again, the image of fitting like a glove applies to the best of the Woodstock homes for sale. Materials and workmanship, appearance, and impression.

And One Thing More

One last thing to consider about the image of gloves as it applies to a home is the practicality. A well-made pair of gloves was as comfortable as a second skin, even as they provided functional benefits. Gloves worked well, protecting a person’s hands not only from the elements, but also from a world in which practically nothing was “virtual.” Everything in those days was actual and hands-on. So, even the finest crafted pair of gloves had the attribute of being serviceable, “suitable to the purpose intended.”

In Europe, gloves remained a social standard and even a required element of a military dress uniform well into the middle of the 20th century. In America, cavalry uniforms included them, too, for just as long into recent history. A well-fitting pair of gloves served and protected in practical ways, even as they signaled consciousness, station, and a bit of prestige. For both practical and cultural reasons, fitting like a glove is not a bad goal to set when you are considering Woodstock 55 plus communities.

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