By the Time We Got to Woodstock

Sep 23, 2022

Once was enough, it seems. Sincere efforts to re-stage, re-visit, or revive the Woodstock Music and Art Fair of August 1969 have been disappointing at best. It’s a cliché among folks of a certain generation. “Were you there?” We knew a woman once whose reply was, “Yes, and I’m on the album cover.”

There was a reason for the emphasis our friend added to her answer. If everyone who says they saw it actually was there, on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm near Bethel, New York, then attendance would have been far beyond even the estimated 400,000 who took part in-person. Yet, the persistence of this meaning, the tendency of Woodstock to evoke a certain image, lives on even though it was a one-time occurrence.

Ideals Without Discomfort

Artists and musicians saw to the endurance of this image because art made it possible to hold onto the ideals and discard the discomfort that came with attending that famous festival. So, too, one community that shares the famous name can do so with every assurance of comfort, security, and even luxury, as here among the Woodstock homes for sale in Georgia.

As one of the leading home builders in Woodstock, we had the advantage of experience by the time we arrived.

In addition to the know-how, resources, contacts, and skills, our Southwyck Homes team had developed a philosophy. Craftsmanship, ingenuity, and gallantry are our north stars for navigating the way to homes of distinctive character and quality.

Alive in Action

Principles such as these are merely music in the ears without action. They are as real as can be, but only when they are brought to life. Considering the example of that 1969 music festival, some might say that those ideals fell behind us. At Southwyck Homes, we resolved, instead, to consider the elements of our philosophy carefully, and to put them in action through our work every day. In addition to Woodstock, living examples of our philosophy can be see today among the homes for sale in Acworth, GA, and in the Decatur homes for sale.

Craftsmanship is what we call on first because your satisfaction with the result of our homebuilding depends to a great extent on how expertly your vision and the architect’s design has been executed. We observed long ago, in the artisanship of cabinet makers, an example that we hold onto as a handy aiming point. The cabinet maker works with tiny tolerances and precise measurements. Overall, this kind of work comes to the homeowner’s attention up close and personal, frequently and at fingertip distance, throughout the day.

Ingenuity is a quality that our work always demanded – and never more so than today – because a builder’s contacts and sources and relationships with subcontractors are the building blocks of materials and workmanship. Both are in high demand today, and it is in times such as these that our dedication to cultivating strong links gives us several options for surmounting any challenge we might encounter in the process of building a home.

Gallantry, in the end, is our greatest opportunity to set ourselves apart in the experience we offer our clients. We see gallantry as a willingness to serve, a dedication to come through for you. The history of this word spans meanings that range from courtesy and consideration, all the way to courage, and we embrace them all.

We hope for the opportunity to get acquainted, and we look forward to it. Contact us at or 678-929-7075.