Choosing the Best Place to Retire

Aug 19, 2022

It sounds so final, and that is only one of the things that makes choosing the best place to retire such a challenge. It helps to look beyond the very nature of the question. It is a practical step, and far more than just a dream, to begin by seeing this as a beginning rather than an end. As the leading active adult community in Woodstock, we have the privilege of seeing this new chapter begin for many people – and in just as many ways.

To begin with, fewer people today even think in terms of a full and formal retirement. More often, the lives people lead today present plenty of opportunities to discover occupations that make the most of our interests – and to get rid of most of the things that didn’t interest us about our working lives. If the “gold watch” version of a corporate career and retirement has given way to a path that calls for us to reinvent ourselves a time or two, then one of the upsides of this evolution is that we arrive at a choice for how we spend the 55-plus years of our lives that invite us to keep doing what we like, rather than to stop working and start looking for something interesting to do.

Making Choice an Ongoing Thing

Whether your vision is complete retirement or a new way of loving your work, in your own style and pace, the Woodstock 55-plus communities offer a blend of neighborhood, easy pace, and natural beauty, without sacrificing the cultural advantages of access to one of the world’s great cities.

Imagine being situated in a home from which every direction you might seek is answered with, “Yes.” The inspiration of mountains, the placid pleasures of lakes, the soothing silence of a forest, the convivial conversations of a farmers’ market, the inspiration of an art show – these are just some of the choices that await you when your choice is among these Woodstock homes for sale.

From Home to Horizon

One way to see the choices that suit you best, for the chapters still to come in your life, is to exercise the imagination of a day in your new home. Let’s begin with where you would like to wake up. What do you see? What surroundings would support the start of your perfect day? One of the marvels of design is that – to borrow an image from farm life – design is both chicken and egg. It is almost impossible to say which comes first, the power of design to influence our thoughts and feelings, or the evident role that design plays in reflecting those thoughts and feelings.

From the home design that nurtures life as you wish to lead it, consider then the community. Does it contain nodes of interest that appeal to you? Has it attracted folks that you find congenial and like-minded? Does passing time in this community leave you feeling richer, more well-informed, more interested than ever in what the next day holds? This is not too much to ask of your community, and we encourage you to apply this standard when you consider Cooks Farm in Woodstock.

Then, is this home and community connected to the energy and culture and art and commerce of one of the world’s great cities, that is, to the best of the wider world? Does the location put you easily on the way to friends and family, to places you have loved and places where you have longed to visit?

Let’s step through these questions and do some imagining together. Give us a call at 404-594-3101 or visit We look forward to getting acquainted.