Living Inspired

Jul 29, 2022

It seems that many of the people we meet who are selecting among the homes for sale in Acworth, GA, have come to the same conclusion: Living inspired turns out to be the only worthwhile way. The many practical factors in the homebuying decision also certainly play a part. Security, identity, room to grow, desires for change, and transformation are all parts of the inspiration people get from their home.

As builders, it is our family’s privilege to help them organize and distinguish their thoughts about the Acworth homes for sale to help them make the design or selection of their home a nourishing and fulfilling one.

Both Cause and Effect

Home is, on the one hand, a response to the vision that a household brings to the table. Their shared vision of life – past and future – is distilled in the presence of a moment when that vision takes shape, whether in design or in selection. Beginning with that response, and beyond it, life itself adds experiences and insights, perceptions, and adventures, which contribute further dimension to the dream. In time, whole families and even generations find that the shapes, patterns, and directions they discover in life are rooted in the sense they got from home. The way a home becomes the setting for a family’s dreams is a two-way street.

The Example of Artisans

Among the Acworth, GA, new homes is nestled a collection of Southwyck homes specially designed for people 55-plus. The Artisan at Victory encompasses designs inspired by lakeside cottages – fitting, because Acworth is known in some circles as Lake City. The Artisan at Victory is a gated, active-adult community. Amenities include a community garden, pavilion for events and celebrations, bocce ball courts, and scenic walking trail around the Artisan’s own small lake.

Some tell us the Artisan at Victory reminds them of the neighborhood in which they grew up. For others, fond memories of visiting grandparents are called forth by the peaceful, neighborhood feeling imparted here. Still others say this was their dream, and that they struggled to describe it to anyone, even to themselves, until they saw their dream embodied here.

A Source of Energy

Inspiration serves as a source of energy at any stage of life, and yet we come to appreciate it more as life goes on. Our next chapters become less a reaction to experiences and more a response to visions and, yes, inspirations. The homes, the setting, the surroundings, and the connections of The Artisan at Victory have come to play these important roles in the lives of some of the best-informed homebuyers around.

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